Application Procedures

How to apply:

The Foundation employs a two-step process for receiving and considering responsive grant requests. The steps include submission of a Letter of Inquiry and, upon invitation of the Foundation, a Grant Application. Direct contact with Trustees is strongly discouraged, but the Trustees do encourage potential applicants to communicate with Foundation staff prior to submission of any proposal.

The Foundation conducts a disciplined due diligence review of each Letter of Inquiry and Grant Application. Funding decisions are made through a combined effort of the Foundation staff and the Board of Trustees. Responsive grant requests are assessed on multiple criteria, including: identified need, foundation area of emphasis, impact, systemic changes and organizational performance and capacity.

Letter of Inquiry: The Foundation seeks to use evidence of performance, in addition to demonstration of need, to make funding decisions. Accordingly, the Letter of Inquiry should include a description of the clients, patients, and communities who have benefitted from the requesting organization's services as well as a description of these benefits in quantifiable terms. It should also include information on why the organization is uniquely qualified to deliver health services and/or programs based on its previous performance and specific accomplishments.

Letters of Inquiry must be signed by the Chief Administrative Officer and Chair of the Governing Board of the organization, must specify a dollar amount for the Foundation’s consideration, and should include the following as attachments:

  • A list of the members of the Governing Board;
  • A current budget for the organization and program to be considered for funding, if applicable; and
  • A copy of the organization's Internal Revenue Service letter, which attests to the organization's tax-exempt status.
  • A copy of the organization's most recent annual report or other donor listing.

Letters of inquiry should not exceed two pages in length, not including the attachments listed above.

Applying organizations are encouraged to contact Foundation staff prior to submitting a Letter of Inquiry. This will allow staff to develop a preliminary understanding of the organization, its mission and priorities, as well as the scope of the proposal and its alignment with the Foundation's Mission and Priorities.

The Foundation intends to administer two grant cycles per year with deadlines for submission of Letters of Inquiry around January 15 and July 15. Please download a copy of the Foundation's Grantmaking Guidelines and Application Procedures for deadline information. Letters of Inquiry may be submitted at any time throughout the year and will be considered during the next appropriate grant cycle.

Grant Application: Upon completion of the Letter of Inquiry review, Foundation staff will advise whether or not a full Grant Application will be invited from the requesting organization. An invitation to submit a Grant Application does not constitute a commitment by the Foundation to award a grant.

As part of the Grant Application process, a site visit may be conducted so that the organization, Foundation Staff and Foundation Trustees can fully discuss the grant request.

A complete copy of the Foundation's Grantmaking Guidelines and Application Procedures may be downloaded by clicking here.

To submit a letter of inquiry, click here.